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   Grobest is an international corporation, established in 1974. So far through many decades of development, Grobest has become increasingly powerful and one of the leading corporations in the field of producing aquatic feeds with high quality. Grobest products have been widely consumed in the world market such as USA, Japan, China, India, Srilanca, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam.

Grobest is widely consumed in the international market

Along with a team of scientific and technical experts and powerful market experts, Grobest has established the research centers and development of Grobest aquaculture feeds in Taiwan where focusing on 40 domestic and foreign scientists specialized in the field of nutrition, immunology, treatment, growth, taking the bait, microbiological technique, environmental treatment of aquaculture, ... and coordinate collaboration closely with the Research Center for Aquatic Products International research to study the most advanced technology with the most optimal formulation.


In April 2000, the Grobest Vietnam was born, by building an aquaculture feeds factory located at 104/5- 2/4 Road - AMATA Industrial Park - Bien Hoa - Dong Nai.

After coming into operation, Grobest Vietnam’s products have been highly appreciated by Vietnamese aquaculture farmers for their quality and absolute trust. Before the trust of Vietnamese aquaculture farmers, as well as realizing the potential of the domestic seafood industry, Grobest VN Company decided to move the aquaculture feeds factory to No. 9 - 3A Road- Bien Hoa 2 Industrial –Long Binh Tan Ward - Bien Hoa City - Dong Nai Province and the aquatic hatchery production factory in the National Hatchery Production area of An Hai village, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province. With this foundation, Grobest Vietnam became the 23rd member of the Grobest Group.

 Grobest Company in Bien Hoa 2 Industrial

Following the successes have gained from other countries, when investing in Vietnam, Grobest’s business concept is “doing business honestly, paying attention to the quality of product”. The company’s products are not only used to grow shrimps, fish ... quick-growing, high yield but also high quality, low processing norms are beneficial for frozen processing. For many consecutive years, our products have been trusted and voted by domestic consumers that are Vietnam’s High Quality Goods. With advanced technology from Taiwan, modern machinery and equipment, and favorable aquaculture conditions in Vietnam, we believe that shrimp and fish farmers will achieve great, continuous and long success with Grobest Vietnam.

Leading Quality

As a 23rd member of the Grobest Group, Grobest Vietnam Limited Company was established in 2000. With concept: “Doing business honestly, paying attention to product quality”. The company constantly improves, enhances the quality to create the best products serving for farmers. In particular, Grobest Vietnam applies Taiwan’s advanced technology, bringing modern machinery into production. The company has a team of domestic and foreign experts in the fields of nutrition, immunity, disease treatment, environmental treatment of aquaculture ... in order to research advanced technology with special optimal method for the purpose of improving quality. Grobest Vietnam also brings the product original traceability system into production, allows traceability of product original from materials stage to finished products, improves goods value, and assists aquaculture farmers in peace of mind.

Particularly, on September 20, 2011, Grobest was the first aquaculture feed company in Vietnam awarded the BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) by the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) and on April 17, 2015, Grobest Company was certified GLOBAL G.A.P. This is an honor not only for Grobest but also for aquaculture farmers and companies in Vietnam.

In addition, Grobest’s products also obtained other certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005. In past years, the company’s products have been trusted by consumers all over the country and voted “Vietnam’s High Quality Goods” for many years.

Certificate of ISO 9001 : 2008

Certificate of ISO 22000 : 2005

Certificate of BAP

Certificate of " Vietnam High Quality Goods " for many years

 Certificate of GLOBAL G.A.P

Most recently, on January 15, 2012, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - Fisheries Association held an Award Ceremony “Vietnam Aquaculture Golden Quality” for 82 collectives and individuals in the field of aquaculture such as processing, aquaculture, veterinary medicine, aquatic feed. The award aims to honor the individuals, organizations and companies that are excellent examples in the field of fishing, aquaculture, processing, consuming, logistic services, fishermen, companies of economic sectors contribute to national economic growth and build the Vietnamese aquatic brand in the world market.

Grobest is also the sole foreign aquatic feed manufacturer who won the Top 10 in this award. 

 Winning the 2nd Vietnam Aquaculture Golden Cup - 2012

Certificate of merit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Outstanding product

The product quality of Grobest Vietnam is affirmed by the outstanding products that help the quick-growing shrimp, high productivity and quality, low processing norm are beneficial for the frozen processing. Characteristic of the product are always consistent with each stage of growth of shrimp. Through special processing technology, with the most advanced equipment, the disintegration time in water of Grobest feed is appropriate, limiting nutrient loss, not polluting the water source, protecting the environment, expressing characteristic “green – clean” of feed. The product provides the appropriate nutrition to help shrimp, fish quick-growing, improve resistance, increase survival rate. Raw materials are strictly selected, ensuring the health of domestic animals and the safety of consumers.

Finished Goods warehouse of Grobest Vietnam Co., Ltd

Not only quality, aquaculture feed products of Grobest also varied in design and type. Prominence is the line of feed products for shrimp, including feed for sugpo prawn, white shrimp, blue crayfish. In addition, the company has focused on strategic products: feed of gain weight, acceleration for shrimp, bringing high efficiency to farmers.

Market expansion

With sales system throughout the country, Grobest is constantly expanding the market, bringing products to the farmers. More than 150 young engineers of the company were trained in aquaculture industry as a technical consultancy, sales, ready to support as well as answer questions and create an absolute trust for customers. Currently, most companies, shrimp farmers in Vietnam are using aquaculture feed which produced by Grobest Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Teams of young Engineers throughout the country

Teams of young engineer staff at factory 

With the spirit of constant efforts for the development of the aquaculture industry, Grobest Vietnam always accompanies with farmers everywhere.


No. 9 - 3A Road- Bien Hoa 2 Industrial –Long Binh Tan Ward - Bien Hoa City - Dong Nai Province
Tel:   02513.993.511 -> 519 - Fax: 02513. 892211 - 212 – 213

Branch office:

    1.North branch office :
       Grobest 125/109warehouse, Truong Chinh - Quan Tru - Kien An DistrictHai Phong City
        Tel: 0313.545950 - Fax: 0313.545951

    2.Central branch office 1:
        Da NangwarehouseNo. 4, Hoa Khanh Industrial Park -Lien Chieu District Da Nang City
        Tel: 05113-739497 Fax: 05113 - 739597

    3.Central branch office 2:
        Nha Trang warehouse - C3,C4,C10 Area- Dac Loc Industrial Park - Vinh Phuong Commune - Nha Trang City -
        Khamh Hoa Province

        Tel: 0583-727121 Fax: 0583 - 727122

    4.West branch office:
        Highway 1A - Tan Tao Village - Chau Hung Commune - Vinh Loi District - Bac Lieu Province
        Tel: 0781.3831088 Fax: 0781.3831089 - 0781.383121

Grobest Vietnam is the leading aquaculture feeds manufacturer in Vietnam which has been BAP certified. And Grobest Vietnam was the first aquaculture feeds company in Vietnam awarded the BAP. On January 15, 2012 Grobest Vietnam won the Vietnam Aquaculture Golden Quality Cup. This is an honor not only for aquaculture farmers in Vietnam, but also for consumers around the world, keeping their minds on using clean aquaculture feed, ensuring the feed quality of healthy and safety comes from Vietnam.

“GROBEST - The Associate with Aquaculture Producers